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Tailing Qi (Hong Kong) Electronics for the Asia-Pacific region an electronics agent, was founded in 2008 and headquartered in Shenzhen and has additional distribution offices in various parts of China. We offer our customers a wide range of applications electronics, including elements of the series has been discontinued. In addition, we have a unique advantage to provide customers (one-stop service) to meet the different areas of the customer. Tailing Qi plays a bridge between  suppliers and customers with all aspects of maintaining close contact among Hong Kong and China, which reached to both of suppliers and customers are what they need, there is a win-win situation. Maintain close contact with customers, product quality and service as much as possible to meet customer requirements.
Tailing Qi committed to working closely with customers to provide high quality products to meet customer needs, we also believe in (focus on quality, lead the future) banner, hoping to scale new heights. We all are in everyone's speed. Innovation efficiency. Flexibility. Cheng Ken and professional knowledge of the attitude, work together to grow.
Tailing Qi not only just focus on its parts sales business chain, more active involvement on the customer's product development projects, but also has become suppliers and customers trust between business partners. Because we believe firmly in a seat on the market, we must take good care of all aspects, in addition to providing parts for sale at reasonable prices, outside services, and more should have to think of the customer first, you should make an effort on the client project development . Our excellent engineers will assist customers in their product research and development projects, provide assistance, to give professional advice, providing the most advanced technology of information and effective programs to address the technical difficulties of. Through mutual cooperation, customers of its products in the market will also be an advantage and competitiveness.

The company mainly engaged in: Fairchild, IR, EUPEC, Infineon, Europe Pike, Sansha, IXYS, Simon Kang, Fujitsu, Mitsubishi, Tyco, new power supply, Toshiba, IR, Motorola, Siemens, Indah, Sanken, Sanyo, LEM, LAMBDA, APT, ST. Production companies such as power modules, power modules, controllable silicon modules, rectifier bridge modules, diode modules, IGBT single tube, IGBT drive circuit and driver board, single-phase bridge rectifier module, Japan LAMBDA, IPM modules, PIM modules, GTR Darlington modules, fast recovery diodes, Schottky diodes.

Our products are widely used in welding machine, inverter, motor controller, power supply operation, electroplating power, UPS, EPS, textile machinery, high-frequency induction heating, power inverter, switching power, aerospace, airport facilities, port handling, motor tune speed, mine welder, drilling machinery, power inverter, communication power, automotive power to provide a full range of services and automation and control, military research, oil exploration, medical equipment, fire fighting industry, instrumentation, communications industry, shipbuilding industry .

To efforts developing, with domestic and foreign customers have established good cooperative relations, business throughout the computer, TV, monitors, industrial products, home appliances, inverters, servo drives, electric vehicles, SVG, APF, UPS / EPS , wind power converters, photovoltaic converters, locomotive traction converter, inverter welding machine, induction heating, power plating / electrolysis power supply, locomotive auxiliary inverter and other areas, to support the development of China's power electronics industry.

Tailing Qi success: based on quality, marketing and the development of a competitive price commitment, and most importantly, the spirit of the company to provide customers with the best service area. The company will provide customers with all relevant product expertise and highly elastic, flexible ordering and delivery schedule, so that customers in the market more competitive.

Tailing Qi purpose: to actively explore and confront new markets and customer requirements, adhere to the most effective methods and the most competitive prices and sales of electronic components, providing customers with a wide range of services that better meet customer requirements.

With the development of China's power electronics industry, the arrival of energy-saving and new energy era of integration, Tailing Qi electronic spirit of green, environmental protection, energy saving technology concept for GM / high voltage inverter, welding machines, power supplies, induction heating, locomotive traction as well as the emerging wind power, photovoltaic power generation, electric vehicles and other new energy industry and environmental protection undertakings to provide more support and cooperation.

As the main industrial components agents and the overall supporting, Tailing Qi has been providing systems solutions towards the goal, to provide one-stop service direction; is committed to promoting China's energy-saving and environmental protection, the use of new energy, namely services and work in a low-carbon economy and the ideals of the green industry.

Tailing Qi has always been sincere endeavor of the service commended by customers and future prospects, whether in marketing, logistics procedures and comprehensive technical support, we will put more resources in order to achieve a more premium services provided to us customers. In this competitive drama of the business community, through us the excellent service and commitment Tailing Qi will be the best career stage.

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